Borella Seafood Albury Wodonga

Frozen Stocklist for Bulk Buying

Borella Seafood is able to offer frozen bulk wholesale prices to our retail customers. Please inspect our stocklist below to see the great savings that can be made by buying in bulk. We are able to home deliver where required and add fresh produce, upon request.

Whole Fish

Milkfish a box


Cleaned Tilapia a box


Uncleaned Tilapia a box


Pomfret a box


Imported fish fillets


200/300g barra fillets 5kg skin on or skin off

$80 a box

Wild Barra portions 200g 5kg

$120 a box

Ling 6.8kg skinless

$120 a box

Hoki 6.8kg

$90 a box

Hake skinless 6.8kg

$100 a box

Whiting fillets 5kg

$60 a box

5kg Basa

$50 a box

Flathead 5kg

$90 a box

Beer battered flathead 5kg

$90 a box

Crunchy battered whiting 3.45 kg

$50 a box



Genuine crumbed squid rings 5kg

$80 a box

Pineapple cut squid 5kg

$75 a box

U/5 squid tubes 5kg

$75 a box

Batrami pineapple squid strips 1kg bags



26/30 cooked prawn cutlets (700g) x10

$180 a box

26/30 green cutlets (900g) x10

$240 a box

Australian Cooked Kings (Mooloolaba) 5kg

$160 a box

To enquire please visit the shop or ring 02 6021 6997.